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Bring Business Opportunities to Your Connections

The income creation platform for you and your contacts. Enable an ecommerce marketplace to amplify your brand, increase sales to yourself and trusted providers, and trace leads and referrals to the service partners you're connecting.

Monetize Your Connections

Invite service providers from your trusted network of contacts to be a part of your marketplace and provide them new opportunities while you make money from those same opportunities.

Easy Setup

Your time to market is close to none -- you apply, fill in your content, invite your partners, and launch. We’ll enable the booking/reserving, ecommerce payments/subscriptions/payouts, and communications (sms, email, & video) between the marketplace operators, service providers, and service seekers

Low Cost

No upfront cost to you while total cost of ownership is close to nothing. There’s no hardware, no data centers, no software licenses, and no people needed to manage it. Exonome runs on a pay-for-performance model. We only make money if there are marketplace transactions happening for you.


It all started with a $3,000 tennis ball machine investment. Jonathan Padilla immediately noticed that only a small fraction of tennis players could take advantage of this highly sought after training equipment if they either owned one or were a private tennis club member.


Jonathan realized there was an opportunity to make these high valued assets more accessible to the general public. He quickly realized that he could build an “AirBnB” for tennis machines and connect other tennis machine owners across the US with tennis players, in essence creating a marketplace connecting service seekers with service providers. In doing this, Jonathan asked himself a key question: if he could make additional income via this method, why can’t others? This served as the initial foundation in his vision to enable anyone with an idea and a desire to create + connect others through niche marketplaces. 

Exonome wants to scale the creation of curated niche marketplaces so entrepreneurs, SMBs, and organizations can monetize their trusted connections while accomplishing their business goals, organization missions, or community causes. 





We used Exonome to create an online bazaar that enabled our parent community to sell baked goods, handcrafted items or services that benefited the school community; a percentage of the sales went back to the school. 

CWA Fundraising Committee Chair

Linda Kong

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